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Retirement: The Perfect Town Wish List?

2006-New Mexico & Southwestern Colorado
2005-Ohio, Minnesota, South Dakota, Wyoming & Colorado
2005-Family Reunion in Elysburg, PA
2004-Arizona, Nevada, California & Texas
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Retirement: The Perfect Town Wish List?
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For many years while travelling throughout country we discovered numerous new towns, cities, villages, etc. Some we liked and some we did not. This prompted us to put together a combined list in 2004 of the various things we liked to have in a town to make one's life pleasant and enjoyable.

It seems that the magic number is a population around 75,000 for the town and 125,000 for the County. We also found out that the population of a town has the most impact of the quality of life for that town. Too large a population, and the town becomes a hassle to get around, especially during it's "rush hours". If it's too small in population, then the businesses we wanted to see will not be there.

Simply put: To live hassle free in a specific area/town, you just HAVE to have sufficient service and supplies within a reasonable distance to meet ALL your needs. Otherwise, sooner or later YOU WILL be miserable.

TYPE / DESCRIPTION / EV, ME or Both(Listed in no particular order)
Updated: Aug. 6, 2010

Ford/Porsche Dealership -- EV
Subaru Dealership -- ME
Race Track(s) -- EV
State Farm Insurance -- EV

Book Stores.....
Borders/Barnes & Noble -- Both
Public Library with Wi-Fi -- Both

Clothing Stores.....
Kohl's -- ME
Marshall's -- ME
New York & Co -- ME
Ross -- ME
Target -- ME
Shopping Malls -- Both

Communications available.....
Internet, Hi-Speed DSL or Cable access -- EV
Internet, Hi-Speed Wi-Fi access -- EV
Verizon Cellular Service - - Both
Wired Telephone Service -- Both

Culture Activities.....
Collage/University -- EV
Vocational Schools / Adult Courses -- Both
Entertainment Center(s) -- EV
Convention Centers -- EV

Electronics Supplies.....
Fry's Electronics -- EV
Radio Shack -- EV
Staples/Office Depot/Office Max -- EV
Best Buys -- EV

Taxes: Low Real Estate -- EV
Taxes: Low Sales Tax -- EV
Taxes: No State Income Tax -- EV

Crime Rate : Very low or none -- EV
Law Enforcement : Responsive -- EV
Political: Conservative (Red Counties) -- EV
Fire Department: No volunteer fire service(s) - - EV

Economic Factors:
Avoid the Have Nots in the population -- EV
Ethnic Balance: Same/close to the USA averages -- EV

Arts & Crafts Shows -- EV
Computer Shows -- EV
Fabric Store -- ME
Gem & Mineral Shows -- EV
Model Train Shows -- EV
Gun Range, Outdoors type -- EV
Gun/Firearm Shows -- EV

Home Centers Stores.....
Home Depot / Lowe's -- Both

Medical Facilities.....
CVS/Walgreens/etc. -- EV
Teaching Hospital within 30 mins. -- EV
Any full service Hospital within 15 mins. -- ME

Outdoor Activities.....
Beachfront / Lakefront -- Both
Boardwalks -- ME
Mountains with forests -- EV
Large body of water nearby -- Both
Paved Bike / Walking / Hiking Paths and Trails -- Both
Waters Parks -- Both

Real Estate.....
Cheap Land: High and Dry -- EV

Carrabba's -- EV
Cracker Barrel -- EV
In-N-Out Burger -- EV
Krystal / White Castle -- EV
Mimi's -- Both
Outback / Longhorn Steakhouse -- EV
Starbucks Coffee -- EV
Steak n' Shake -- Both
Panera Bread (WiFi) -- Both
McDonald's (WiFi) -- Both

Recreational Vehicles services/supplies.....
Camping World w/service -- EV
Ford Truck/RV Service -- EV
Cheap RV Storage -- EV

Shipping/Mail facilities.....
UPS Store (with mail boxes) -- EV
FedEX -- EV

Arts and Crafts: Michaels/AC Moore -- Both
K Mart -- EV
Outlet Stores: within 40 mins. -- Both
Sears -- EV
Wal*Mart Supercenter -- Both
Costco, Sam's Club or BJ's -- EV

Social / Physical Activities.....
Friends and/or Relatives -- ME
Local Porsche Club Region -- EV
Local Special Interest Groups/Clubs -- EV
Local Community Center w/workout equipment and swimming pool-- Both

Major Airport: within 30 mins. -- EV
No auto rush hour traffic problems -- EV
Greyhound Bus Service -- EV

Weather / Environmental.....
Temperatures: Range 40 to 85 -- EV
Rainfall: 15 to 40 inches a year -- EV
Snowfall: None or very little -- EV
Thunderstorm activity: Very little -- EV
Hurricane(s) Probabilities: None to very little -- EV
Seismic Activity: None -- EV