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RV Costs and Expenses

2006-New Mexico & Southwestern Colorado
2005-Ohio, Minnesota, South Dakota, Wyoming & Colorado
2005-Family Reunion in Elysburg, PA
2004-Arizona, Nevada, California & Texas
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RV Costs and Expenses
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We are frequently asked questions concerning "costs" pertaining to RV'ing. In particular, the cost of a gallon of gasoline. In general, those that "freak out" over expenses, are those that either do not have a clue and/or have not done their math homework.

Personally, I am quite tired of justifying the cost of RV'ing. Therefore, below I have posted the totals of over 27,000 miles and 3+ years of expenses so that you may see for yourself.

Before you "flip out", set aside the cost of food and compare the RV totals with the totals for airline fare, vehicle rental and motel/hotel for the same time frame. Do the math yourself!

Simply put, RV'ing is really designed for extended travel time, not the typical 1 to 2 weeks that most everyone takes when they go on "vacation" from their job.  You just have to have the "TIME" and be free to come and go in your life.


Time: 3+ years (From Mar 2003 - Sep 2006)

Miles travelled: 27,506 (As of Sep 2006)

Miles Per Gallon: 7.317 Average (This includes generator usage of 1/2 gal per 1 hour it is being used)

Gallons used: 3,759 (Average $2.024/gallon)

Gasoline costs: $7570

Tolls: $338 (Bridges and Toll roads)

LP Gas: $240 (Used 98 gallons; Average 0.33 gallons a day; Average cost of $2.46 a gallon)

Maintenance: $1,405 (Periodic service and breakdowns)

Storage Fees: $100 (41 days)

Travel days: 283 days (Total on the road or at campgrounds)

Overnight no-fee: 88 days (No cost or free)

Overnight campground fees: 195 days for $5416 (Average $28/day); fees varied from $5 to $43 a day)


Total Travel Costs: $15,070

Travel cost per mile: $0.55

Travel cost per day: $53.25

Note: This does not include food and the fixed costs below.

FIXED COSTS: $18.00 a day or less

This includes the .....

1. 15 year RV Loan Principal and Interest (6.05%),

2. Full Extended 7 year Warranty and

3. Full Insurance Vehicle Coverage (from State Farm)

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